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Solomon spoke of hearing the conclusion of the whole matter. That’s what I wish to do. The conclusion of this writing would be to help people recognize how serious the “Ten Commandments” are to God, the Father, who gave them to us and told us to keep them. I fear many people have forgotten about them. They may remember and feel that two or three are more severe than others. For the most part, people are living and conducting their lives as if these laws do not apply and are not important anymore. I feel that these commandments of God, in the heart of God, are co-equal. That is to say, they’re all very important and very serious where God is concerned. With all the turmoil caused in our country over these laws of God, it has caused a lot of Christians put signs in their yards to display the “Ten Commandments”. God is using this as a wake-up call, drawing us back to the value and the seriousness of what God has written to mankind. There are numerous places in the Word of God that tell us we are to keep his commandments. Because they are very important to him, they need to be very important to us. I hope that all of us will continue to reread what they have to say and keep them as a blessing to our lives.
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