Absolute Pleasure
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An inspirational work that ravishes the intriguing and sensual side of women, Absolute Pleasure is a collection of poetry dedicated to the heroism of women: their triumphs, their losses, their breaking, and their crowning as a queen in their own domain. This volume of work created by author Katrina Marie Johnson explores the notion of infidelity on a higher level, while also identifying the common emotions of love, jealousy, hate, and pure passion. Each poem gropes the body of indulgence; collectively, the volume encompasses all aspects of femininity from raw sexual desire to the need for commitment. Presenting a world of fashion far beyond the morality of current vision, Absolute Pleasure provides insight into the female mentality and sensuality during romantic liaisons. Comically sewn together, Johnson manages to shape the realities of not only marriage, but virtue and compassion. With free verse and rhyming poetry, this collection presents the epitome of female lust, but also the consequences and immortality of sexuality.
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