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Little Boy is a small collection of folktales as told by a native Texan. It is a book to be read for pleasure to remind us of how far we have grown in this great state. The stories may be true or fiction; you have to be the judge and jury. Sit back, relax, and enjoy these delightful tales!Little Boy found a shady spot at the side of the road and tied his horse to a small tree. He had already been working on the holster for the forty-four and had cut it down to fit his small frame. He opened the container of beeswax and began rubbing some of it on the inside of the holster until it was as smooth as glass. “Now the gun will slide in and out with the slightest effort,” he thought as he practiced a few draws. He wore the holster on his right side and swiveled it across and tied it to his left leg from the bottom to allow a lightning-fast draw in any position. The boy then affixed the knife holster to the gun belt. The knife was specially made for him by Mr. Jimmie Dockery.
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Little Boy - Nathan Jackson Jutson

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