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Rose McDowell, reared by strict parents, was ordered to leave home to experience an independent life. Befriended by Joe and June Reilly, she lives with them while employed as a beautician. They introduce her to Marvin Brown, a sailor. Love blossoms until another woman, a dead ringer of Rose, complicates the romance. Marvin breaks their relationship, gets discharged, and moves to Denver, Colorado. Rose’s life moves forward. Employed by Steven Harks while maintaining his home/office as a hostess, she falls in love with him. Unbeknown to Rose, Steven and his five associates operate a drug cartel. When the FBI discovers the illegal business, Rose, by plea bargaining, testifies at a court trial a few days before the wedding. The jury convicts everyone and they’re sentenced to penitentiary life. Rose is placed in the Government Witness Program. Her identity receives a complete make-over and a new name–Gertrude Brown. While serving her sentence, she becomes a barber and a beautician to the residents among other experiences, including attempted rape. Paroled after 6 months, the witness program provides an apartment and a beauty salon in Denver. An employee, Babs Brooks, entices Gertrude to learn skiing and a weekend at Copper Mountain. Marvin Brown, now enrolled in a Denver university, develops a close friendship with a co-ed, Linda Powell. Both are skiers and plan a weekend at Copper Mountain. Gertrude sees Marvin but he doesn’t recognize her nor does she reveal herself. Going to work the following Monday, Gertrude’s mind is occupied with thoughts of Marvin, and she runs a red light. A crash causes hospitalization where Babs was asked to find Gertrude’s family members. Gertrude’s vague answers as to family causes Babs to call all the Ray and Roy Browns after finding Gertrude’s book marker with a written name of “Mrs. Marvin R. Brown.” She eventually finds the right Browns. Marvin is urged by his mother to visit the patient as a possible cousin. Joyfully finding the patient to be Rose, now Gertrude, their mutual forgiveness leads to an engagement and marriage.
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ISBN: 9781426906138
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