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In 1952 Scottish Republican Army raiders steal guns and ammunition, then their young lookout gets advice to leave the country to avoid arrest. His adviser, an executive in the up-and-coming Scottish Nationalist Party, had helped plan the operation. Hitch-hiking through England to the Channel, the boy escapes to Germany. After befriending GIs from the US Army of Occupation he seeks work (not being questioned about terrorism!) and gets a job providing parts for army aircraft. In 1958 his US Army awards for “improved operations” help him get to California. He works and studies, gives poetry readings (including Robert Burns' works), and gets three books published. His writings now involve Americans too: he questions their aggression, their censorship, and their view that other nations' struggles for independence equate with terrorism. But he's learning that Scotland's complex troubles are also increasing: when he makes a brief clandestine return the SNP denies their role in freedom fighting and ostracizes him and - and he helps the SRA to conceal the Stone of Destiny. In 1980 he exiles himself to Massey University, New Zealand, where he can relax, start a new family - and continue arguing for every nation's right to self determination.
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ISBN: 9781426984105
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