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America: The Final Chapter provides a comprehensive examination of each American presidency from George Washington to Barack Obama while explaining how America evolved from a Republic to the Socialist crisis we face today.Jessi Winchester, a political activist who ran for the U.S. House of Representatives and the office of Nevada’s Lieutenant Governor, believes that studying and learning from the past will help America and its leaders make wise decisions in the present day. She takes readers full circle beginning with the nation's fight for independence from English oppression and ending with the tyranny America currently faces in its struggle to reclaim lost liberties and gain freedom from our own oppressive government. While examining our nation’s journey through two centuries of problematic and deceptive government at all levels, Winchester speculates on the future of the United States. Recent events and differing philosophies have divided our nation and, as a result, America faces an uncertain time not seen since Abraham Lincoln’s administration. America: The Final Chapter encourages citizens to find their voices and stand strong for the principles that made the nation great in the first place or they could find themselves witnessing the "final chapter" of democracy.
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ISBN: 9781426980480
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