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An eminent Australian psychiatrist receives the secret research of a dying colleague that takes him beyond the mind into the mystic realms of India in search of the supreme spiritual Master. Accompanied by his beautiful girl friend, their journey takes them from Australia to the unknown reaches of the Himalayas to try and neutralise a strange threat to humankind. To achieve this they must also find their true selves and each other. A mysterious woman of unworldly origins also seeks the supreme Master but for seemingly different reasons. She encounters a wise monk and as their love blossoms they are faced with the choice between continuing their individual divine quests and/or perfecting a loving relationship. Others in the scientific and political worlds are similarly searching for the same being that is believed to be both the cause and the solution to this grave threat to the human existence. In the far reaches of space a Universe is about to self destruct and its inhabitants are searching for a similar planet, in another solar system, for their salvation. And some exalted Being is directing the whole cosmic play...... It is a novel of spiritual fiction; the essence of which may not be fiction!
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781426983993
List price: $9.99
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