The Journeyman, the Greybeard Sea and Kairos
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I bid adieu to Glasgow and my childhood slums, boarded the S.S Georgic and took residence in Hamilton, Canada, until the pristine shores of Kaslo B.C. drew me and there I settled and built my vessel, and the world lay awaiting. Unknowingly, yet those poverty years in a Clyde side shipyard prepared me, for with rusted scissors and cardboard I cut insoles for my ever leaking shoes, and with needle in hand discovered the art of darning my socks, and that needle, that had fitted so well in my young and artless fingers in fifty years would once again reside, in my now blue veined and gnarled hands.The fifty years flew and I was in Papua New Guinea, cleared by a corrupt custom’s agent and about to be thrown in jail. I quickly left only to sail into the challenging monsoons as they vied for the supremacy of the sea, while I journeyed through them to the birth place of typhoons, which left me with tattered sails, a lack of food, a voyage of 125 days that took fifty pounds of my body weight, and an experience never regretted, for it brought a light that brightened all - Epiphany.
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ISBN: 9781426984259
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