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In A Dream of Democracy, a group of educated Iranians reach the conclusion that they deserve a better life than what the current regime offers. So they decide to remove their oppressive regime. To do this, they choose to source an ancestral connection from history; a person whose ancestry will unite the people. Their research indicates that the Zoroastrian Era was free of religious persecution. They want a resurgence of this era to insure a return to a democratic state. They find the direct descendent of the last Zoroastrian Emperor, hoping that he will be their savior. They locate this person and make him the Shahanshah of Iran. Once he is in power, they are very pleasantly surprised to realize that his acumen has succeeded not only in freeing Iran from fundamentalism but also in restoring freedom and equality. The Iran of the future is now a sophisticated, industrialized, and powerful nation among the most influential global allies. And their leader is at the pinnacle of his success! Could this be the death knell for Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the other fanatical groups who have done so much damage within and outside their own countries?
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ISBN: 9781426986253
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