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Getting up, getting on the road to anywhere lies at the base of survival for most. As a rookie centerfielder for the Chicago Cubs, Michael Blake hits the road running until his knees give out and force a quick end to his Major League baseball career. Nonetheless, capitalizing on his fifteen minutes of fame, he charms his way into rising success in the insurance business while trying to hang on to a dream or two. Living the life beneath the palm trees in the insurance tax haven of Bermuda, madly in love and building a dream into a financial reality, everything should be right with the world when suddenly all begins to mysteriously unravel for Blake. Maybe he is drinking too much, maybe not enough. Either way, he must venture to a tiny Carribean Island in search of answers only to find the truth has taken a ghostly, unexpected twist. If that was not enough, Blake then encounters a violent life and death struggle that will change his life forever, no matter the outcome.
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See How He Runs - Jack Nebel

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