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Sometimes, we feel alone, and we feel like we don’t matter to anyone. Our self-esteem is low, and we think no one cares. However, my friend, you matter to a King ... King Jesus. You’ve probably crossed His mind a thousand times, just today. He doesn’t care what your circumstances may be ... He loves you!Are you searching for a bit of sunshine in your life? Then look no further than Treasured Memories, a bountiful cornucopia of uplifting and inspirational stories that reflect the awesome power of God in our lives.Marie Schoendorf combines her great love of God with her storytelling ability in more than two hundred short stories and devotions. Ranging from stories about the importance of friendship and love for our country, to thoughts on specific Bible verses and the special, personal relationship we share with our savior, Jesus Christ, Schoendorf delivers timely and deeply inspiring words to lift your spirit and your soul. Perfect for sharing with your family or just for reading while cozying up next to the fire, Treasured Memories will renew and refresh you. Spend a few moments quenching your spiritual thirst and delve into the beauty of God’s world!
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Treasured Memories - Marie L. Schoendorf

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