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Doctor Niemeyer discovered a time capsule that copied memories of an ancient man, named Lucirin, into his own mind. Its purpose was to deliver a warning to the future, which is told in the dream given Doctor Niemeyer.The dream story begins when Lucirin was a youth on Aesiris, a world ruled by theocrats. He is found guilty of heresy and banished. He vows revenge.Gahes is a world where undesirables are sent. There he meets a woman named Arrana whose criminal band captures a flight ship possessing cybernetic intelligence. They all escape Gahes using that ship.Lucirin befriends a religious leader who betrays him. His robotic ship saves him from execution by destroying the dikes of Aesiris, which destroys that world. A remnant from that ruined planet journey to Earth, who find Lucirin and Arrana when they journey here. Lucirin’s cybernetic ship is destroyed but its memory machine is saved. He learns of a plan to establish a new Aesiris on Earth and vows to warn future Earth inhabitants using the saved memory machine.Doctor Niemeyer’s associates realize that Earth’s history has been manipulated, but no tangible evidence is left of the mind capsule.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781426984006
List price: $9.99
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