Whispering is Phillip Reisner listening to the universe as it speaks in many forms and forums, and then, putting into poetic words his conclusions concerning this distinctive impart. It is a partial philosophical/spiritual glimpse of one man’s life experience put into astute poetic statements. It takes the reader on a graceful stroll through mind and body and into spirit and soul. Phillip’s road map is subtle, but, informative. Whispering challenges others to listen to themselves, their world, and their universe, while learning about Phillip’s modest travels through time, mind, and space. It is a delicate educational tool that scrapes, sands, and finishes thoughts and ideas. Whispering creates a fine little table upon which to place one’s own collective listening, inner-thought book. Commitment I seek truth.It reveals slowly.I grow with time.A forest grows slowly.I walk a path.I will not waver.I challenge self.I move with ease.I learn to crawl.I learn to walk.Through forest I stroll.My shadow is long.My pace slows.I see tree edge.Leaves are turning golden.They fall at my feet.My ideas are fading.My motivation is lost.I singularly commit.I quietly remain.I whisper like a breeze.I don’t mind falling.I drift instead.In leaves I rest.I have no shadow.
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ISBN: 9781426986000
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