Musings is the recording of all verses written by Elizabeth Clayton in 2008. In addition, there are a number of earlier verses, creating the ambiance she wishes to effect. It is a wellspring of moving sentiment, recorded as it was experienced. She has added notes to help balance the sentiment so that reviewing these pieces will not leave the reader fatigued or press him into a complexion that would be an unsatisfied one. She has chosen to write her musings in free verse so that she is not encumbered by the conventional restrictions. Her absolute joy in the feast of life brings the reader back from the pensiveness and the dark presence that is the basis for many of the verses. Why has this grail been held fromMe, in its fullness; for in my beggar soul, I weep, intoThe grail of partAwareness, less fulfillment, with an agonyAs words indescribable, that my geeseMy box, my vase, my bell—theseHave no soul but appropriateSilence. Elizabeth, February 7, 2008
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