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Anyone Else’s Sons, But Mine
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She raised three sons to be good fathers, good husbands, and good citizens. They were not supposed to become heroin addicts. This unbelievably devastating ordeal would bring her to the brink of a mental institution. Internal debates rage inside while she tries to deal with the reality of this ordeal. Through broken sobs, she lashes out at them, "Why have you done this to me, giving me this blow?! If you had been homeless, abandoned, abused, not loved, perhaps I could have understood; but you were loved, loved dearly!" Dealing with the fact that a loved one has fallen prey to addiction becomes a great burden even for the strongest parent. Her writing is open and sincere as she expresses her intense emotions, thoughts, and fears. Having to face her ordeal, writing offered a venue for confronting the intense emotions, venting her frustrations and fears, and proved to be a means of self-therapy and healing.
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