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Finally, I Found My Place
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Women are incredible people! When God made us, He gave us every necessary tool that we need to fulfill the many roles that we have. We are mothers, lovers, teachers, preachers, sisters, daughters, wives, homemakers, founders, entrepreneurs, and the list just continues.The most challenging task for women is understanding and appreciating order. The reason for this is versatility depicted by the various roles we play in society. It is extremely important for women to abide in their places in order to glorify God.It's crucial that we find our perspective place in the home, work place, ministry, and community. It is extremely important to seek God for divine direction and purpose. We must be effective in the role that He has designed for us. We must know our purpose in order to fulfill it.Women, we can no longer live our lives out of order and expect to be blessed by God. It is time to align our lives with the will of God. God will not bless anything that is out of order.Mrs. Tra-C J. Pierce
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Finally, I Found My Place - Tra-C Pierce

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