Wyoming Dreams
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Marsh Weston found his life, as an architect in Boston, unrewarding. An elusive mood he couldn't define had him yearning for a change. When he saw an advertisement for a ranch in Wyoming, he immediately felt that this was his destiny.Although his domineering father disapproved, support and understanding from his mother and brother, eased his guilt. He followed his dream to the west, and on his first trip into Simpson's Pass for supplies, a pair of blue-violet eyes clashed with his, and he was entranced.Darcy Shannon was a pixie of a girl.Raised by her grandfather on a ranch, she worked right along with the other hands. None of the local cowboys had caught her attention, but the first time she saw Marsh, an unusual awareness enveloped her. Her interest was piqued, but he tried to convince her, and himself, he was too old for her. They experienced family discord, threats, abduction, a shooting, and death. Were the conflicts too much for them to overcome?
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