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The worried look on the traditionally arrogant and boastful face of President Mugabe made Peterson suspect that he was about to be thrown in the minefield as well. There were some experienced and better-qualified secret agents who were send earlier and none of them came back. The criteria for being selected to go in next was simply because he mentioned an interest in studying the paranormal under hobbies when he was filling the application forms for the job. After accepting the apparently risky task as expected because the president rarely takes no for an answer, he send in an advance party of two to infiltrate. One of them mysteriously shot at him when they asked him to meet them and collect some information they had gathered. The moment he stepped into the nightmarish rollercoaster probe, some of his colleagues then sprang up and started terrorizing his now vulnerable girlfriend in a bid to acquire files of potentially lucrative cases he had been on. They knew he wouldn’t do much about their actions because they knew that he knew that they knew that he deliberately disobeyed a senior government minister by secretly resuming investigating a suspicious and controversial disappearance of a young woman he was ordered to stop
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