Ever wonder if others share your thoughts? Are your thoughts so distinctly yours alone? This book, A Versing of Life, is one author's attempt to share hers. Many of the thoughts and experiences are unique to the author, but on the other hand, many are not. There are writings about faith, relationships, childhood memories, dealings with depression and amazing insights.Why write about these topics if they are so common? To declare our sameness. You can find yourself hidden on these pages, whether it is evident at first or not. We all share a myriad of emotions and life experiences. And it is also true that we all have those "awe" moments. The author chose to ponder some of the simplistic and complex topics that everyone encounters in life.The versings in this book range from happy childhood memories of a stuffed dog to being present at a fatal car accident. The joy of having a wonderful husband and times of deep grief are included as well. Turn the pages, find yourself.
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