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Unobtrusive Ajax

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Unobtrusive Ajax is about making webapplications that work for everyone allthe time, even if you have JavaScriptturned off, or you're using a mobilephone or a screen reader, or however youhappen to be using the Web. It's aboutthe separation of behavior (JavaScript),content (HTML), and presentation(CSS).

This short cut will focus on the practicalbenefits of using Ajax and JavaScript unobtrusivelyand show you that unobtrusiveweb development and progressiveenhancement benefit both web developersand users of the Web. You'll get to seemany simple examples of building webinterfaces that are unobtrusive. You'llquickly see that it is actually very easy tomake web applications that everyonecan use.

When you're finished reading this short cut,you will be able to convince anyone whydeveloping unobtrusively is the best wayto build a site with JavaScript and Ajax.

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