Take Control of Your Domain Names
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Register, configure, and manage your domain names like a pro!Having your own domain name - like takecontrolbooks.com - is fun for individuals and essential for organizations, but the details of managing a domain name can be perplexing. Networking expert Glenn Fleishman demystifies the jargon and tells you everything you need to know, beginning with how domain names work behind the scenes. He then explains the best ways to decide upon and find an available domain name, register it, configure it with a DNS host, and use it for your Web site and email address. Additional sections cover using dynamic DNS; special problems and troubleshooting; explain how to change your registrar, DNS host, Web host, or email host; and offer tips for buying or selling a registered domain name.Read this book to find answers to questions such as:What can I do with a domain name?How do I learn what domain names are available?What features does a good registrar offer?What is DNS and what should I do about it?I hate my registrar. How can I switch to a new one?What should I look for in a Web- or email-hosting service?How can I run a Web server if my ISP gives me a dynamic IP address?How do I set up an email service at my domain for family members without running my own mail server?Help! My Web site is dead and I'm not getting email. What should I do?
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