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Engineering Software for Accessibility
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Create Web sites and software that meet the sensory, dexterity, and cognitive needs of your users. Whether you’re a developer or a project manager, this guide teaches you how to incorporate programmatic access and keyboard access into your interfaces—starting at the product planning and design stage.

Follow a real-world example that integrates accessibility at each stage of the development cycle See how the components of the UI Automation architecture fit together to enable accessibility Deliver programmatic access through the API—and expose navigation, interactive controls, keyboard focus, and other important information about the UI Design a logical hierarchy for the UI that meets the programmatic and keyboard navigation needs of your users Know when to apply common controls and when it’s worth the expense to build custom controls Give users a variety of accessibility options—from font size and color contrast to screen readers and voice recognition Test your product’s accessibility features and document the implementation
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Engineering Software for Accessibility - Microsoft Corporation

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