Take Control of Sharing Files in Snow Leopard
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This detail-packed book makes file sharing easy, whether it's between two Macs on a local network, among a mixed-platform office workgroup, or between far-flung computers on the Internet. You'll get help with selecting and configuring the right hardware and software for your needs and budget, learn about the pros and cons of different file-sharing options, find specific steps for setting up each major option (with special instructions to help you avoid problems and security risks), and learn how to connect to file servers from a variety of major operating systems.

Read this book to learn the answers to questions like:

Which technique should I use to share my files? How do I set up my Mac as a file server? What types of security should I set up? Do I need a firewall? Should I use Samba or AFP as my file-sharing service? How can I restrict what users can do after they log in? How can my Windows-using colleagues access my shared files? How do I share iPhoto photos? What about songs from iTunes? What's the best way to connect to a file server from my Mac? What are my security options for running an FTP server? How can I configure my server so it wakes up if someone wants to use it?
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