What’s the Point?bByVictor KonstanA cynical, comical, personal search for purpose and the meaning of life—from politics, religion, and life after death, to dieting, relationships, sex, and aliens! What’s the Point?As a bored, pessimistic individual, this is my compelling outlook on life. A book not written by choice, but because my girlfriend threatened to leave me if I didn’t do something meaningful with my time here on this minuscule planet. Besides, my therapist said it would be good therapy. It’s my cynical view on politics, religion, and life after death. A close examination of relationships, dating, and sex. A review of dieting, exercise, and nudity. An assessment of urban myths and aliens. My hilarious real- life experience, moving from the Midwest to Arizona. And my insights on this state, overflowing with interesting facts and oddities. Is there any valid purpose and meaning to our existence?Can a pessimistic actually change his outlook on life? Really, what’s the point?
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ISBN: 9781426979316
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