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Paranormal Family and Friends
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Most individuals who follow the paranormal don’t realize that one of the best sources for finding people who have had paranormal, psychic, or UFO experiences could be their own family and friends. In Paranormal Family and Friends, author Frank Santariga reveals some of the best cases of his twenty five years as a parapsychologist, stemming from family members, friends, and neighbors. What makes these events fascinating is that he personally knows the people who recounted the incidents and can attest to their impeccable character. In the cases where family members are retelling experiences of their close friends or relatives, they too, unconditionally vouch for the integrity of the narrator.From the author’s mother’s vision of cousin Adrian at her moment of death to his Brother Alfred’s encounter with the Florida “Skunk Ape” and UFOs, you will be drawn in by these remarkable and mystifying accounts of the paranormal.
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