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Building Christian Women Warriors and Tacticians
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Today, many Christians are becoming aware of the spiritual warfare that impacts their daily lives. They seek new and exciting ways to fight off the enemy yet lack basic fighting tactics through the Word of God. As a result, many fight amiss and their combat becomes unfruitful. In this book, Building Christian Women Warriors and Tacticians, women warriors can finally establish a solid foundation for victorious spiritual warfare in Christ. This book emphasizes a systematic outline for practical principles in your daily spiritual walk including:Scripturally establishing Jesus Christ who is our strength and the rock of our salvation Building and learning spiritual warfare tactics through the apostle’s doctrineMastering the application of the Word of God to your life for successful spiritual warfareEffective tactics to combat the enemy skillfully through the spirit of ChristHow to maintain victory through Christ JesusThis is a call to all women warriors and tacticians. Now is the time to discover who you are and where you stand in the army of Christ. You have been called to a spiritual fight in a critical time. This book will serve as a tool to guide you in how to become the proficient spiritual warrior/tactician in Christ that you have been called to be.
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