Love's Quietus
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An inspiring collection of 250 new poems from the established poet Arman Nabatiyan, following an Eastern tradition of Persian poetry. In this volume, the voice of self-discovery is conveyed through solemn reflections, imagery, descriptions and metaphors that lift from the pages with a vibrant energy, leaving the reader moved and breathless. Within the pages are found poems of love, rage, sadness and longing; passionate depictions about the torment of longing for a spiritual beloved and the pleasure that comes with union; philosophical reflections about human fallibilities, tragedy and delights; and quiet truths about the breadth and beauty of human emotion. More than anything, the poetry conveys the unbridled joy that comes from living life fully engaged, and divorced from the fears and expectations that confine life with disillusionment. As does a bird soar with its wings outstretched, so does the psyche leap from physical Earth with reflection and inner searching. Such is the spiritual message left to stand as the heritage of Love’s Quietus.
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