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Barns was reading for his next shot when they passed a hydraulic pump station. This gave Barns a great idea. He took aim at the station and waited for the other bikes to get to it. As they were passing the pump station, Barns fired. The explosion was massive. The large fireball took out three more of the riders. Barns laughed. “Five down; and two more to go Jazzal!” He shouted to her across his shoulder. Barns brought his gun to his shoulder again. He took aim at one of the riders. He pulled the trigger but nothing happened. When he pulled the gun back down he saw it was out of charge. Thinking fast he threw the gun at one of the riders. He felt if he could hit one of them the jar from the impact would dislodge him from his bike. At speeds of 200mph, Barns threw the gun and missed.No gun and no way to defend themselves, save for the blades Jazzal had. But what could they do in a gunfight? Yes she was good but not that good. Barns told Jazzal his gun was out of charge. Jazzal told him to turn back around on the bike. They were going to lose this bunch of ingrates. Barns turned on the seat to face the front. When he did this he saw they were going down a dead end alley. “Oh shit! What do we do now?”“Hang on to your ass baby! We’re going for a ride!” Jazzal gave the bike more power and it jumped forward. They were now traveling at a top speed of 260mph. A thirty-foot high wall marked the end of the alley
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Cyber Wolf - C. B. Hollis

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