Welcome to College-Level Reading!Now that you’re in college, you’ll have regular reading assignments in almost every class. Those assignments will be longer and more complex than high school reading. Break It Down features brainups™ to build your reading skills. Brainups buff up your brain with mental situps and pushups! They start with core concepts, break them down, then build them back up. Enjoy the journey to rippling brain power with these fun critical thinking activities.What Students Are Saying About “Break It Down!”It really made English fun! Not only did it help in English, but it also helped to improve my study habits for other classes. -- Jacqwese StephensEstablished a new and easy way to learn at a level I could enjoy. -- Jessica SmithHelped me understand a subject that I couldn’t comprehend. -- Devon McVeaIt’s the primary reason why I changed my major from Criminal Justice to English. It helped me expand my vocabulary and think more critically. -- Danielle CooperImproved my college-level comprehension 100%. -- Tristain BellAn amazing book that, I believe, all students should read. Because of this book, I now know how to express myself properly in a society full of confusion. -- Asia TerryWhat Instructors Are Saying…Students respond to “Break it Down.” The book's tips and tricks are presented in a way that encourages students and helps them not only improve their reading and writing skills, but also offers an accessible approach to academia. – Michael Salerno Break It Down does a great job of preparing students to meet the various academic challenges they will face throughout their college years. The book truly earns its name and is a wonderful tool for standardized test preparation. -- Randolph Walker
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