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Summary After two years of gathering essential information from my family, friends, speech therapist and others, I was finally able to piece together a puzzle of a few confusing months in my life. I only remembered bits and pieces of what happened. I needed the support and recollection of my loved ones to help me better understand it, in order to allow myself closure on such a tragic ordeal. In some ways, I could relate my experience to Humpty Dumpty, as if I had fallen, broken apart and needed help being put back together again. Willing My Way Back is a non-fiction story based on my experiences of enduring brain surgery, in my early 20's, and the full recovery process as I understood it as well as how others observed it through their own eyes. Willing My Way Back has received compliments from individuals who have already had the opportunity to read it. Some examples include "inspirational", "easy to read", "flows smoothly", "should be a resource available at the hospital for parents to read", and "I learned a lot about you". I too have learned a lot about myself throughout the past two years including accomplishments I never imagined I would complete, such as writing this book. I look forward to fulfilling more noteworthy accomplishments throughout my life and I hope others will appreciate them as much as they have appreciated the written words of Willing My Way Back.
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