Book Reviews"Once again, as with 'The Genesis', Mekael captures the essence of the reality called life, while also managing to catapult the reader beyond present time and space, ensuring the reader's landing into the vast cavern of infinity. Mekael's newest collection, aptly titled, 'The Road to Damascus', is a masterfully woven set of prose that enlightens the un-enlightened, while also elevating the minds and spirits of the intellectually seasoned and well read. From the opening poem, 'The Invocation', to the last, 'The Benediction', to include such masterpieces as 'Voice', 'Fragile and Shook', 'E', 'Home', 'M', 'Rising Son' and 'Barack', Mekael's work embodies and displays a natural/God-given well honed skill that so often eludes the common Writer's quest for mastery of both prose and pen. All who will read this seminole work, will not only be blessed by its wide range of reflections and coverage of the spectrum of life, but they too will come away saying exactly what I did, "What a gift!"-Dr. Preston T. Adams, III, Founder/C.E.O. of -PrestonTAdams International, Inc., and The Black Male Initiative, Inc"From the moment that I began reading 'The Road to Damascus', I was enthralled. I could not put this collection down. As I read Mekael's work, I became magnetized and thirsty for more. His gift for creating magical prose, is definitely Heaven sent. As I neared the final Poem in this collection, I truly felt as though I had come to know both Mekael and his life's journey more. I say with a heart that's awed, that this collection of Poems rendered me speechless."- Maria Moore, Ed.S.,Is the Author of 'Southern Summers' and 'If A Kid Ruled The World'info@seaburn.comAuthor's Photograph:By Pride Photography of Indianapolis
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