Distant Vision is the second book of the Drake Simo series.It’s summertime in Skyview and the unemployed and distractible Drake Simo—laid-off teacher, ex-bicycle racer, technophobe—has time on his hands. A five hundred dollar reward motivates him to investigate a burglary at the Skyview Natural Food Company because like, duh, he’s broke.Porno peddlers, warped family members, embezzlers, and addicted computer gamers help derail his investigation.Rastan grinned. "More or less. If my computer sales are slow, I tool down to Van Nuys and do some bartering. The porno industry likes computers. And there’s a huge market for porno films."Drake rolled his bike back and forth beneath him. "Along with Internet porn."Rastan jabbed a finger toward Drake. "You know it, bro. Porn is huge. Big, big money. And, Van Nuys is known as the Silicone Valley.""Silicone Valley?""Exactly. The heart of the beast," Rastan flicked the ash off his cigarette and inhaled. "Say, how do you know about Internet porn if you don’t own a computer?""It’s a long story.""I bet," Rastan exhaled. "Anyway, the Internet is the next big market for porn flicks. Limitless possibilities. Live cams in dorms. Merging medias. That’s why they want my hardware.""Sounds uh," Drake looked at St. Matthews. "Enterprising.""Yeah. Whatever, dude. Listen, porno and the Internet keep merging together. And the technology keeps improving. I have some stuff back there that’s totally cutting edge. DVD-ROM compatible.""Wow," Drake rubbed his eyes and yawned."Try this. Sex scenes from eight different camera angles. VR technology. Multiple screens."Drake didn’t know what to say. He remembered the former chairman of the English Department at Pedro Beach High and his porno web site that featured teenage—
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