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This book, Children are little Mirrors, is a compilation of ideas and processes used by over (30) thirty Grandmothers. There were many Saturday night brainstorming sessions with the assistance of a couple of secondary and elemtary Educators expressing numerous accounts in the classroom. I wish that I could take credit for some of these imaginary ideas expressed in this book. However, I have used these methods raising my own children and others and they work. You can put them to practice too. There are many influences which effect the development of a child. The old folklore that: “It takes a Village to raise a child” has a lot of truth to it. Especially if those Villagers can help by injecting POSITIVE into that child’s growth. Raising a child can be a pleasant and fun experience ( yet at times very challenging) for both the parent and the child. Hopefully, this book can provided a few inside tips which will help make your parenting adventure both rewarding as well as enjoyable. It always helps when you understand “ WHY” something is happening, instead of reacting to a surprise happening. For example: If you know ahead of time, that you have an old, worn-out fuse in your refrigerator. Then suddenly, all the electricity in your refrigerator goes out. No need to panic.... No need to think horrific thoughts, to yell, to get upset, nor thinking of the cost of buying a new refrigerator..., because you know that it is the fuse. You can relax and think clearly. Simply replace that fuse and the problem is solved. You becoming a wiser Parent, has already purchased a replacement fuse for this very event (when it does fail or go out). So you were prepared for the problem and reacted properly. Hopefully, this book will give you some (not all) advance insights on things and events to watch out for (be aware) when raising your child. So, you can be little better prepared and you can react properly. Remember: “Nothing, nothing Is more important than the way that you React to it” Hi!
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