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A very different kind of a cook book. Most recipes in this book date back to a time when cholesterol was unknown and a triglyceride was thought of as a creature that walked with the dinosaurs. A time when food was eaten because it tastes good, rather than if it was healthy or not. If it didn´t taste good, you didn´t eat it (consider small children and strained spinach or peas). These recipes are not for the diet or health conscious person as they contain lots of fat, butter, meat drippings (lard) and such. Also, they should not to be eaten as a daily fare because most of them are considered to be unhealthy at this point in time. However, when you get a craving for something that tastes better than cardboard, sawdust, leather or mush, it´s time to break out these recipes. When you finish one of these meals you´ll know that you´ve eaten something that really satisfies your taste buds without all the doctoring of spices to add flavor. Now you can go back to healthy diet foods until the urge hits you again to have a really great tasting meal.
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ISBN: 9781462834389
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