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Everyone is talking about this new Book Jumbleliar. The reason why the book is called Oh So Fine Jumbleliar is because there are several questions in the book that are designed to see if the person that you are interested in is not telling the truth. The book consists of approximately 300+ questions you must ask in a relationship. Whether you are single, thinking about starting a new relationship, currently in a relationship, engaged or married, you will be shocked by your partners response to the questions. You will find unique things that you´ve never known before. The best way to use the book: Each day you and your partner should sit down and ask the various questions in the book. Each questions is designed not to only get a "Yes" or "No" answer, but to develop an open communication with truthful responses. Write down each answers given in the book so you can always go back to discuss them in the future with each other. A key ingredient to all successful relationships is built on open communication, honest and trust. OH SO FINE believes that if a solid communication channel is open early in the relationship, then the chance of success is much greater. 100% satisfaction guaranteed from this book!
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