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The great existential questions that have accompanied man throughouthis history are really no more than a handful. But they are so resilientand constant that they transcend any given historical time, the culturewhere those questions are asked, the country that shelters that culture,and the traditions that sustains them. The thinkers of each new generationpick them up and rethink them from another angle, from anotherperspective, with new elements of judgment giving fresh new answers tothe same profound questions.This philosophical essay hopes to explore only one of these huge questions:Why do we keep on repeating the same behaviors over and over (manytimes expressed as mistakes, or negative behaviors) as if we had not learnedanything from those that preceded us?The following essay is but the effort of an amateur in the philosophicalarena. I will attempt to answer this profound question for myself witha more satisfactory answer than the ones that I have received throughmy teachers. I fi rmly believe that what counts is not what some else hassaid, nor how he has said it, but that each one of us makes the personaleffort of refl ecting on the same questions and fi nding similar or differentsatisfactory answers. This effort is what builds the personal outlook onlife, its meaning and the ultimate quest for the never fi nished answers tothose never ending questions.
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