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When life gets rough, it either makes you or breaks you. In the solitude of prison, so far away from the natural elements, you discover much about yourself and others, behind and beyond these iron bars and concrete walls.Observation, Perseverance, Patience and Implementation becomes your dearest companions and assist enhancing your knowledge and answers all questions concerning your inner and outer surroundings—including yourself!Growing within by accepting the facts of reality, seeing and understanding that the meanings of words no longer has one or two meanings. The meaning of a word is how you define and describe it to your life. Overcoming all impossibilities only to be hindered by invisible stagnation with the only avenue to keep from going insane is to calmly exercise the mental by placing your thoughts and feelings somewhere you can set yourself free. I’ve chosen my “somewhere” on paper and call it—Silent Expressions.Silent Expressions is what’s on my mind, which became my life in this world of mine. It’s a deep thoughtful masterpiece and insight of my maturity, streetness, urbaness, and reality acceptance of this cold, cruel and sometimes sweet world, as my emotions and thoughts overflow and spill out in abundance, poetically.Loyalty, betrayal, hate, love, family, friends and hidden agendas—the true feelings of others that they seek to hide behind kind words and smiles but ultimately manifest through their actions, attempting to camouflage and perplex the molestation of facts and common sense that most hurry to deny through word semantics.Many people may want to shout their opinions, yell out their facts or express it the best way they can . . . I’ve chosen to silently express mines through this collection of what I label urban poetry. So I invite you all into my mind, life and world silently through . . . SILENT EXPRESSIONS.-- Author Sin Raws
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