Land, People, Politics, and Ignorance
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A consistent effort to destroy the natural environment, with a cultural influence that clashed with the Native American way of life, presently continues from European arrival. When we see land ¡°developers,¡± supported by government-funded contracts and zoning laws that accommodate turning land into urban sprawl, we are still witnessing today the European take-over of Native America. Sharing the same destiny with the Indians and the buffalo, large unaltered areas of our native land will soon be gone too. The recent expanded powers of eminent domain, allowing a large private company/corporation to take land from a smaller private party, supports the exploitation of our land and its citizens by force for private/corporate gain. The government wielding the bigger stick, rather than protects the people, now as a thug, takes away by force what they have¡ªvery similar to how the Native Americans had their land taken from them. The people have been set up by a continuance of the same expansionary practices that took this country from the Indians.
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