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Have you met a Free Spirit?Are you an Astral Traveler?Astral Travelers exist, but they feel fear, confusion, or depression thinkingthey are unusual for possessing this “gift.” In My Free Spirit, author Marion Neyshares her experiences and encounters on astral projection. She reveals of herpast and present so other free spirits can learn and understand that they are notalone…that this special “gift” is entrusted to those who are capable of enrichingother people’s lives.Other free spirits have already embraced this “gift,” and she hopes thatthrough this fascinating memoir, more Astral Travelers will learn to accept theirunique “gift.”The author pens down her thoughts, sentiments, and experiences so thatother free spirits would realize that Astral Travel, Astral Projection, or luciddreaming (as others may call it) are actually true and real.Discover, know, and understand the extraordinary world of astraltraveling through the experiences of a real Astral Traveler. Strange, surprising,amazing, remarkable
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My Free Spirit - Marion E. Ney

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