Anyone who had their corporate coming-of-age during the “live-for-success/look-out-for-number-one” heyday of the ‘70s and ‘80s will nostalgically delight and find renewal of spirit in this book by a onetime Yuppie “reclaimed” by her Lord. Like many of her generation who found themselves caught up in consumerist values and careerist lifestyles, the author experienced a sense of estrangement from her own soul ... sparking a search for “redemption” that will touch the heart of the most jaded worldling.A spiritual adventure with a cosmopolitan twist, Godyssey seeks to help the spiritually disenfranchised rediscover that Lord whose gentle “wooing” they still sense within some recess of the soul, and to recover those Christian ideals they had lost touch with in their pursuit of success. By presenting Christ as a kind of “mentor” in the art of successful living, this book provides much-needed shepherding to those left spiritually stranded by their immersion in America’s recent corporate and cultural milieu.
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