Is it possible for a medium to use automatic writing to have an instant messenger chat with your long lost great-aunt Mary? That' s ridiculous. . . . . isn't it? Or is it? What if it's true?Can some people predict an earthquake within a few days, because their ears ring and they have a headache? Documentation is showing that, yes, apparently they can and do.It's completely impossible to travel back in time via remote viewing to see places and events from a century or more ago. . . . isn't it? Perhaps. And then again, perhaps not.Can a medium create a sculpture portrait of a completely unknown spirit entity with no reference material at all, and nothing but a psychic vision of a ghost?At first glance, these things may seem outlandish, something from science fiction. Are they? Are they really supernatural, or could it be something more simple? Could it be connected to something science is just beginning to explore; a tiny crystal called magnetite.In many ways, this book is as unique and extraordinary as the life and mind of its author. You are about to embark on a precious journey of personal exploration and awakening. If you are looking for adventure and enlightenment, I welcome you to Pat’s “quest for answers.” Gary E. Schwartz, PhDUniversity of ArizonaAuthor of The Afterlife Experiments, Living Energy Universe, and The Truth About Medium.
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