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The purpose of this book is to give you ideas that can help make your life better. They are thoughts that can bring clarity and even add some fun to life. The secrets are meant to empower you to build a good life, even to find a little more peace and happiness along the way. They can help get you through some of the storms and dark valleys we all experience. Each secret is in a bold print, one-sentence statement that can easily be remembered. To better grasp the secret there is a story or two, brief explanation, and a few questions to get you going. Pick up a secret and use it in whatever way you want. They are tools for your own life, to use the way you think, feel, live and act. Apply these secrets using your own values, morals, faith and relationships. They are not formulas to follow, but tools to help you find and live your own good life.This started out as a humorous book to entertain and enlighten. Perhaps a few secrets might stick a needle in that one could not quite get out, that is might just get through the epidermis of prejudice, absoluteness, or blindness of many kinds of which we all have a little. What happened along the way is that serious secrets showed up, that could not be dressed in humor but seemed important to include.There are different kinds of secrets in this book…and I won’t define secrets any more than stating that a secret is something that provides some insight for the journey of life. Some are so obvious that we wonder how we ever missed them or realize that we have heard them but went right on by and didn’t stop to take them to heart or to mind. Still others are counter-intuitive and so we have to stop and read them again…and perhaps turn our thinking to a new direction.After you read awhile, you will notice some redundancy. Similar secrets are found in different sections. This is because good secrets weave together in many places to become part of the tapestry of life. Or if you are musically inclined, they are like the same notes and chords coming from many instruments to become a symphony. Each of us sees or hears in different ways at different times. So, there is value and worth in looking at the same secrets from different points of view using different words and ideas.I wrote over a long period of time. So at times it reads like a log or journal as I encountered different secrets. It is my hope that as you find secrets that will enrich your life and relationships, and that you will share them with others and life will be just a little better for us all.
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