Such Great Heights
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Dream …For Belladonna Rivers, reality is a bit too grim. Her relationship with her ex-husband had been hell, and going through a divorce wasn’t much better. The abuse, both mental and physical, continues to linger in the back of her mind. The fairytale life in New York City has faded long ago, and now all she can think of is a better life in a better place. As a psychologist, she believes that she can overcome anything and everything that life throws her way. But all of her training fails her when the horrors of her past find her. Forget … As an NYPD hostage negotiator, Collin Haywood has seen enough horror to last a dozen lifetimes, but the loss of one special woman preoccupies him. He can’t simply forget what happened to her and go on living his life as if nothing happened. Depressed over her loss, he fears that he is losing his ability to live his life. One day, he sees a beautiful blonde, and it all comes rushing back. But fortunately, when you think you are drowning, life sometimes throws you a life jacket.When their lives collide, they will learn to lean on each other through the obstacles that life throws at them, in a story of love, trust, and reaching great heights.
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ISBN: 9781450291248
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