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The Royal Prisoner tells a story of betrayal and loyalty, lust for power and vows of revenge portrayed in striking poetic rhythms. Years have passed since everything was taken from him—his family, his home, his freedom. Imprisoned for turning his back on his king, the sovereign of the land, the prisoner vows to escape his imprisonment to fulfill one last debt to his family and to himself—to murder the king in cold blood. The Royal Prisoner delves into his dark world of adventure and torture, revealing his final tale through a collection of narrative poems. What evolves is a poetic saga that follows the prisoner from the lonely, dark world of his prison cell to the bright world where he rightly belonged.Welcome to the dungeon’s depths,where bone-chilling claws unclenchbeneath the royal rugs unfurled.Above the cherished, enchanted pearls,you lie chained by wrists on a vertical bed,your back on cold stones, stewing in dread.Like many before you and like many beside,you wait for your doom when head’s severed from hide.But this is your price, your reward for your crimes,you’ve been condemned to hot flames rather than blessed white chimes.You call out to echoes, preaching tales of loyalty,of how your deeds were soul-good; its release shouldn’t be fee.
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ISBN: 9781462033522
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