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The story takes place in Hollywood FL. and begins with four friends that have grown up together and are now in their late twenty’s. Dave Foley has become a homicide detective, Danny has become a Paramedic. Rafe is a drug smuggler that has become a power boat racer, and Wes is a successful developer with ties to the underworld. Danny seems to lead a straight and simple life, but is brutally murdered by having his throat slashed while at home. The mystery deepens when drugs are found at the crime scene. Foley gets the case and finds himself having to team up with his old friend Wes. The cop wants justice but the drug dealer wants revenge. They find themselves at odds with each other as they work to solve the crime. What they don’t know is that Danny was mixed up with dirty cops who are raiding the homes of drug dealers and ripping them off. The Leader has become paranoid and goes on a rampage killing everyone in the crew beginning with Danny. After killing the girlfriend of one of the crew members, the Leader discovers he enjoys strangling women. A beautiful reporter from the local news show is following the story and eventually catches the attention of the Leader who becomes infatuated with her. She is also from South FL. and went to high school with Wes. When her life becomes endangered he finds himself still caring about her. Things become complicated when Rafe is suspected of being involved with the dirty cops and Wes must confront him. The murders escalate ending with a dramatic fight in the Everglades and another one of the friends gets killed.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781426979392
List price: $9.99
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