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Nothing puts Peace in its proper perspective better than the loss of personal liberty. Author and Columnist John Longenecker writes purely for the non-gun owner household with the question...Are America's Anti-Crime Policies Killing The Nation? John Longenecker exposes the fraud of go-nowhere anti-crime policies which respond far too late after-the-fact, which disarm Americans before-the-fact, discourage personal sovereignty, and take much more than guns - anti-crime policies disarm Americans by taking also your personal and household authority. And now, the non-gun owner households are beginning to feel it.Officials, various industrial complexes and international interests cooperate in eavesdropping and stalking the American Household for its wealth, measured not in dollars, but in privacy, liberty, authority, personal spirit and way of life. ___From Erskine, Syndicated Host of THE ERSKINE OVERNIGHT SHOW . . .John Longenecker is one of the most positive and articulate guests I've had in my 10+ years of broadcasting.Americans must realize that our protection depends on the individual being prepared. Now we are asked to turn these duties over to them without questioning.___Larry Pratt, Executive Director, GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA . . .Longenecker has made a significant contribution to understanding and articulating what it means to be free.
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