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Suck a D*@k. Save a Marriage.
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Suck a D*@k. Save a Marriage, (SaD SaM), is an honest, gritty, in your face self-help book that identifies challenges preventing you from being the best wife you can be! Author Marlo Wright is refreshingly honest in telling her faults and shortcomings in her first marriage. She recognized, through revelation and wisdom, that her immature ways were just as detrimental to her marriage as the abusive actions directed towards her from her ex-husband. Though Wright knows the abuse was not her fault, she bravely takes ownership of her actions and puts them on display as examples of what not to do for others in similar situations. Wright tells all in this book designed to help restore women back to their role as wife instead of head-of-household. She hopes with the shift in mindsets that are becoming more acceptable in society, women will be able to restore order in homes, and save their marriages.
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Suck a D*@k. Save a Marriage. - Marlo Wright

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