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Mystery and history are concealed within the Gospel According to Luke. Hidden for Centuries is an in-depth guide that, coupled with the Bible study, provides an alternative explanation to Equidistant Letter Sequencing—a method of viewing hidden words within scripture. Reverend Louise Banner Welch earned a master’s degree in Biblical studies and was a local pastor at the United Methodist Church for many years. In her comprehensive handbook tailored for those inquisitive about Biblical codes, she shares her wealth of knowledge and passion for learning as she delves deep into Equidistant Letter Sequencing and exactly how and why the Gospel of Luke contains patterns to words. Welch explores the stories behind the eighteen eyewitnesses to Luke besides Pontius Pilate—illustrating how each compares Jesus to a well-known Jewish personality. She also describes the teachings of Jesus as they apply to the practice of the Ten Commandments. Hidden for Centuries sheds light on the synoptic problem while offering Christians a realm of scripture not known for centuries, ultimately providing new reasons for Christians to be amazed at the way God works and why He will always be the greatest mystery of all.
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