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From "The Story of Og," to "The Worst Ice Storm In History," the stories of Chick Fu will have you rolling on the floor as you read about all the outrageous things women do in dating and romance. If you want to laugh so hard you cry then Chick Fu will give you a blast of original and hysterical editorial insight. Chick Fu is full of 100% true stories that you will be telling your friends for years. Men love Chick Fu because they have all been on the receiving end multiple times in their lives and will thrill to finally understand the "tricks of the trade" that women use. Women love Chick Fu because it is better than gossip around the water cooler: Tons of real stories about the real things people do to get, keep, and get rid of romantic partners. Finally, everyone loves Mack MacGuyson because he is like that one friend who always tells it like it is and says what others would blush to even think of. You have never read something as wildly entertaining, funny and true as Chick Fu.
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ISBN: 9781440141591
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