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This autobiography tells of the unique journeys (outward and inward) and the otherworldly visions of a ’60s hippie, growing from the carefree communes and rock festivals into the timeless wisdom of the great mystics of our age.Dyal takes us through his experiences with the gentle Buddhist Monk, Bhante Gunaratana.Then we meet Baba Ram Dass, the American Yogi, previously known as Richard Alpert, who was fired from his teaching position at Harvard for working too closely with Timothy Leary on his LSD experiments.Next we travel through California and Europe with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the early guru of the Beatles.Then we’re introduced to the American Yogi, Swami Rudrananda.Pir Vilayat Khan, the Sufi (mysticism that includes all religions), takes us to a depth of reality few Americans even know exists.We then travel to the Colorado mountain retreat of Swami Amar Jyoti.Next we experience the power and incredible depth of insight of the Sikh master, Yogi Bhajan.Chapter eleven is the Dalai Lama, Ocean of Wisdom, whose presence and techniques help us overcome our real enemies … our inner afflictions.In Stray Visions and Insights are experiences that don’t fit into the other chapters, but are worth mentioning.Then, we are enriched by a vision of the mythical Himalayan master, Babaji.In the next chapter we learn of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, the Great Master.In the last chapter we hear of Karunamayi, the lady saint whose incarnation was foretold by the revered Ramana Maharshi.
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Hippie to Mystic - Stanley Roberts

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